Political Pain

February 3, 2017

In lieu of one of my stories, this week I decided to share someone else’s.

This is a popular video that has been getting shared on Facebook. It’s touching, and it shows how one of the president’s executive orders is affecting a U.S. citizen.

If you are a member of the Muslim community, immigrant community, women, people of color, and anyone else feeling targeted by this new administration, my blog is open to you.

If you need to vent or tell your side of the story, it would be my honor to help you share your experiences.
If you “would” share your story, but consider yourself a bad writer, I will help you.

It’s literally the least I could do.

Send me a message at sgrahamhunt@gmail.com, if you’d like.



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On this blog, I’m sharing some of my personal memories of pain, shame and embarrassment. Hopefully they help you in some way.

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