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September 6, 2018

This website was down for about a month or so because I failed to renew the domain in time. A failure to click a few buttons turned into a $80 hassle and also caused me to have to pull in web designers and all of this crap. Ugh!

I didn’t mention it because I was a little embarrassed and mad at myself for being a bit irresponsible with something I claim is so important to me.

Although I got the website back up with help from a small group of people, including my dad, (thanks Kevin James Hunt), I felt totally convicted in church on Sunday when Pastor Danny Bland was talking about assignments that God has called us to complete.

God never told me to start a website. He never even really told me to write a book. The assignment was to share stories on Facebook…”das it.” But I got caught up in the hype and abandoned the thing that He told me to do. Instead of posting the full stories on Facebook, like I had been doing previously, I was posting them on my blog, and then offering you a link to the blog, so I could have hits and see lots of numbers and blah blah blah.

In the midst of me doing that, I lost a lot of conversation about the stories…which was actually the most fun part to me. Seeing everyone go back and forth and offer their valuable opinions. There were a lot of connections being built between people who might never meet in person.

I also neglected the people who were more likely to read a post right in front of them rather than click on a link.

So, I’m sorry. I am going to repost the stories that I only posted on my blog on Facebook, and then add some more in the near future. And if you’ve read them already, then skip them. All the stories will still be archived here.

Okay, I’m going to start with “Your Baby is a Bastard.” Visit to join the conversation.

Thank you for your patience while I try to get this right.


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