“Writing is truly your gift to the world.” 
– John A.

“Stacy, thank you for sharing this journey with us. Your courage and honesty and eloquence are inspiring me.” 
– Coriel O.

“You have a way with words and story telling. keep it up.” 
– Maurice M.

“I used to be a bookworm reading all the time when I was growing up. One day I just stopped. I think it was because being a young adult was so busy with learning new things and experiencing life. For a long time I didn’t have the attention span to go back to reading books. Thank you for your mini novelas (in the spirit of my newfound Texas home). I appreciate you wetting my reading appetite with your story.” 
– Ersula W.

“The way you’re changing the world!!!” 
– Arnaya N.

“You’re so brave! You inspire us all! This isn’t just healing for you, it’s healing for many people. Women go through so much that we’re to afraid or shamed to share. You’re breaking those chains for us one story at a time.” 
– Jamilah P.

“You’re amazingly talented!” 
– Aliana S.

“Wow! Deep, heartfelt, powerful, and real! You definitely have a waywith words, very captivating an awesome gift! Keep expressing yourself!” 
– Lisa W.

“Whispering in my head as I type this, I just…Thank you for sharing. I don’t know how I came across this post at this moment but with tears in my eyes I thank you for sharing what most people hide deep inside. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank God for your transparency. I agree, go ahead and write this book!” 
– Jennifer J.

“You are amazing. Just amazing.” 
– Melissa M.

“I actually feel like I’m there with you when I read your writing Stace! I’m ready for the book!” 
– Michelle L.

“beautiful writing and courageous author…I’m eagerly awaiting next week’s post. thank you so much for sharing.” 
– Emily T.

“…Your story is very touching and hits home for a lot of women like myself I look forward to your inspiring words and courage…” 
– Tiara D.

“…such a gift the way in which you share…write a book” 
– Vanessa P.

“I always look forward to the next story! Keep writing! I’m hooked!”
– Karamelea D.

“Stellar young woman, living real life.” 
– Rachelle E.

“This is awesome, you’re such a great writer!! MORE, MORE, MORE lol” 
– Shatara E.

“Thanks for being so open and honest sis. We live with these experiences buried deep inside of us and don’t realize how profound the effect can be. Love you. Very proud of you.” 
– Giovannii S.

“You’re a brave and wonderful writer. Thanks for sharing your stories with us! Love ’em.” 
– James P.

“Girl ur bravery is commendable!!!” 
– Rosemary C.

“You are definitely a talented, tough, brave and fearless story teller.” 
– Kevin H.

“Great writing.” 
– Tristan F.

“You’re such a great writer!” 
– Luvena J.

“On the couch in Qatar reading, loving, and wanting more of your stories. You’re so talented, Stacy Lynn!” 
– Raven B.

“Looove your stories SiS!!” 
– Shani

“Why do I wait for these stories every Thursday like it’s ‘Scandal’ or something? Maybe because your an excellent writer that leaves us wanting more each week :). I know your writing your story and not fiction which makes you way more awesome in my book.” 
– Natasha Y.

“Thank you for sharing and being honest. I got to hear and see a side of you I never knew. Your writing is amazing. Your words were vivid and powerful. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re an agent of change. CityKids for life.” 
– Terryl D.

“I knew you would grow up to be the beautiful and amazing woman you are! Keep writing hmmm publisher for this now generation.” 
– Diane P.

“Excellent writer! I never knew. definitely could see you writing a book!” 
– Whitney J.

– Jason H.

“Thank you for the courage and talent!” 
– Donna C.

“You are so brave.” 
– Alynn A. / Sheena H.

“Wow. That was intense. Reminded me of the time I read ‘The Coldest Winter Ever.’ Brave of you to be that transparent.” 
– Kamairi C.

“Stacy Lynn you made this sound so eloquent and Maya Angelou-esque!! Very well done.” 
– James M.

“Wow Stacy thank you for sharing your journey. You are such a talented writer. I feel like I’m right there with you.” 
– Shannon J.

“Love these, Stacy! Great work! 
– Erica B.

“Thank you for sharing your writing.” 
– Ed G.

“Thank you again for this courageous honesty Stace.” 
– Adjoa B.