Texas School Shooting: Journaling Space for Moms

May 26, 2022

Hi everyone,

I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, so tomorrow from 7-8:15pm, I’m hosting a virtual journaling space on Zoom for us moms to be together and write, talk and share.

I’ve created this healing space, admittedly for myself, in hopes that some of you other moms will join me in taking a moment to begin to sort out all of the intense feelings inside of us, as an act of self-care.

I feel helpless in this situation, and I’m hoping that if I can figure out which parts of the situation anger me most, then I can figure out what my role can be in making these shootings stop. I have two small children going to elementary school next year.

So here’s what will happen tomorrow…

Similar to the Gotham Writers Write-Ins, this session will be a combination of writing and talking. We’ll start at 7pm. We’ll sit in silence for a few minutes. Then I’ll give you a writing prompt related to the school shooting that took place in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. We’ll all write for a while. Then we’ll share what we’ve written if we want to, or we’ll take a break. Then I’ll give a second writing prompt and we’ll share or end our time together.

This is intended to be a safe space where we can be together, share our fears and sadness and encourage each other to keep going and to make change where we can. We will not be criticizing each other’s work and there is no pressure to talk or turn your camera on.

My two boys will be home and will probably interrupt the session at some point. The session will be 75 minutes. Please bring your thoughts and your snacks, wine, beer or whatever else.

Please register here, so I know you’re coming.

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