Textual Healing Session #3: Death

October 4, 2018

During Session #3 of Textual Healing, the journaling workshop that I’m facilitating for teens at the New Haven Public Library on Saturdays, we discussed our experiences with death of family members and friends.

This particular week, there happened to be more staff members present than students, but it was still a heartfelt and deep session that I think was healing for everyone present. I shared what it was like to watch my grandmother’s one-year journey towards death after her Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Others shared what it was like to lose their own family members unexpectedly. One participant even shared a story and analysis about death that took place in one of her favorite movies.

During Session #3, we also had a special visitor…my son Alexander! His babysitters were out of town that day, so I brought him with me and worked him into the syllabus. Each week, I have the students observe and write about an object within a 15-minute period. This week, Alexander was the “object” they enthusiastically observed. He seemed to enjoy himself as much as the rest of us.

If you are interested in learning more about Textual Healing or Ignite the Voice, Inc., the organization that is sponsoring the event, please email me at processingpain@gmail.com.

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